In his free time, entrepreneur Spencer Schar enjoys kayaking in the lakes near to his home and fishing for bass. This article will explore some of the main health benefits of kayaking, exploring how the pastime not only has a positive impact on physical health but also helps to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. The attached infographic contains some interesting kayaking statistics.

There are all kinds of kayaking, with kayaks designed or adapted to fit the demands of the intended environment. Popular types of kayaking activities include sea kayaking and sailing, where the kayak is fitted with a sail. There is also sprint racing, where the craft is raced across calm water, and surf kayaking, where the kayak is fitted with a fin in much the same way as a surfboard.

For those who are reluctant to be confined to the gym, kayaking can be an excellent means of getting fit and improving health, as well as presenting a prime opportunity to spend more time outdoors in nature, which in itself has well-reported psychological benefits. The attached video explores the topic in more detail, highlighting the key benefits of people spending time outdoors.

Paddling is an aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness by raising the heart rate while strengthening the lungs. Such activities help to reduce the risk of a range of health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Paddling is a low-impact activity that strengthens different muscle groups, exercising the arms, shoulders, back, and chest, helping to improve strength and build muscle. Kayaking is fantastic for improving overall strength, fitness, and flexibility, with a 125-pound adult burning around 150 calories by kayaking for 30 minutes, while a person weighing 185-pounds can burn as much as 210 calories in the same timeframe.

Kayaking also has important mental health benefits that should not be overlooked. It is an excellent activity for relieving stress and improving mood, releasing feel-good endorphins in the brain, and improving mental health. In addition, spending time outdoors is a well-established mood booster that helps people to top up their vitamin D levels.

Kayaking is a sport that involves participants paddling a small craft through all manner of waterways, including lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean. Joining a club can be an excellent way of getting involved with kayaking. The attached PDF provides an overview of some of the basic kit beginner kayakers need to get started.