Spencer Schar is an entrepreneur who has travelled extensively, having visited every continent except Antarctica. This article will look at the key benefits of traveling with family, while the attached PDF explores the soaring popularity of multi-generation vacations in a post-pandemic world.

Traveling in itself is an eye-opening experience, teaching people about other cultures first-hand on a level that simply is not achievable without experiencing a place in person. Not only does travel present opportunities to create unique memories but it also presents a vital escape from the daily grind, allowing traveling companions to reconnect and enjoy precious quality time together. The attached infographic takes a closer look at key travel trends for 2023.

Traveling is enriching on an individual level, but traveling as a family offers a different perspective. Whether traveling with children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, or grandparents, traveling with family has numerous benefits.

Traveling together strengthens bonds. With so many pressures in daily life, people often find it difficult to carve out time to spend with their loved ones with no distractions. When people travel, they intentionally set aside time to be with those who matter to them the most.

In their daily lives, people have become increasingly reliant on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all manner of digital devices. Sometimes whole families sit in the same room but barely communicate, each gazing into their phone. Travel presents a prime opportunity for a digital detox and a chance to unplug from social media, email, and apps. The embedded video delves deeper into the subject of digital detoxes and their various benefits from a health and wellness perspective.

Studies suggest that travel can be extremely beneficial to a child’s education, making young people more open-minded by exposing them to different cultures. Experiential learning has been shown to be more impactful, so while getting to know new customs and try new cuisines they may be picking up on a little of the language, while coming to appreciate the importance of protecting the environment.

Traveling ignites a sense of adventure and wonder in vacationers of all ages. Children are naturally adventurous, typically enjoying nothing more than soaking up new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. As people get older, they sometimes lose that sense of wonderment, but travel helps to reawaken it and keep it alive. Watching children see and react to curiosities can add an extra dimension of enjoyment to any vacation, presenting adults with an opportunity to look at the world though their children’s eyes and experience once again that natural sense of curiosity and joy.