Entrepreneur Spencer Schar enjoys kayaking and fishing for bass in local lakes in his spare time. This article will provide an overview of some of the most important considerations for beginner kayakers just getting started. The attached infographic contains some interesting statistics about kayaking in the US.

There are a variety of different routes to becoming involved with kayaking, including renting a kayak from an on-the-water outfitter or borrowing one from a friend. Signing up for a course or tour can be an excellent way to become involved in the sport, from kayaking trips staged by local guides to options presented by parks departments at local lakes. The attached PDF contains information about key health benefits associated with kayaking.

Essential kayaking gear includes a properly fitting coastguard-approved personal floatation device (PFD); an appropriately sized paddle; and a bilge pump. In addition, a spray skirt may be advantageous on warm, calm days.

It is crucial that kayakers are appropriately dressed for each outing, bringing with them shorts or swimwear that are noncotton and nonbinding; a rashguard top or any noncotton top; neoprene footwear; a sun-shielding hat; and a lightweight vest or fleece jacket, rain jacket, spray jacket, and pants, if the weather demands it. The embedded video takes a closer look at some of the most exciting locations for kayakers worldwide.

As with all types of sport, there are different kayaking experiences available for participants of different abilities. For complete beginners, a kayaking course or trip is a great way to master the basics in calm, shallow water under the watchful gaze of an experienced guide, helping the beginner to paddle and balance without capsizing the boat and showing them how to get out of the cockpit if they do turn upside down. Having developed these key skills, the kayaker will be more comfortable in the cockpit and the water, enabling them to delve deeper into the sport to test out their skills and stamina.

Selecting a trusted, experienced guide is crucial. For those who are new to kayaking, it is sensible to choose a tamer trip, such as an overnight kayaking adventure or one that lasts a maximum of a few days. This will give the novice kayaker the opportunity to assess how their muscles cope with the strain of paddling for longer periods than they are ordinarily used to. There are a huge range of kayaking adventures for vacationers to enjoy today in some of the world’s most stunning locations, enabling beginners to learn more about the sport while experiencing beautiful environments as they glide through calm water.